Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

VPS (virtual private server) or VDS (virtual dedicated server) is a virtual dedicated server, a virtual machine sold as a service by a hosting provider.

Each virtual server has its own copy of the operating system and for the most part corresponds to a physical dedicated server. Clients have superuser (root) access to this operating system instance as well as their own IP addresses, ports, filtering rules and routing tables, and can install any software running on this OS. Each virtual server provides full and independent control and management as if you had a regular dedicated server.

Our clusters use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology for virtualization, which supports hardware virtualization. This guarantees that you will get the resources you have paid for, and working with a virtual server (VDS/VPS) is not different from working with a full-fledged physical server.

For virtual servers (VDS / VPS) considered the total traffic (incoming and outgoing) without the application of coefficients.

Each server tariff plan includes a certain amount of free traffic, starting from 1000 GiB per month for the minimal plan.
Traffic is shared between all virtual servers every billing cycle.

Available traffic is pooled cumulatively at the account level, not individually for each server. For example, if you run two servers for a full billing cycle, each with a plan of 2000 GiB per month, you get a total of 4000 GiB. Let's say you use 2500 GiB of traffic on the first server, which is more than its individual limit, and only 500 GiB on the second server. In this case you use 3000 GiB out of the available 4000 GiB and you will not be charged any fees for exceeding the traffic limit. Accrued traffic is not transferred between billing cycles.

The amount of accrued free traffic depends on the monthly use of servers — for each hour the servers exist, 1/672 of the total amount of free traffic is accrued. For full billing cycle there will be accrued maximum 672 parts (28 days * by 24 hours). For 672 hours of server existence all the traffic according to his tariff plan will be accrued. For example, if a server's tariff plan includes 1000 GiB per month, you will earn 1000 GiB / 672 hours ≈ 1.5 GiB per hour. And for 28 days (672 hours) will be accrued all 1000 GiB according to the tariff plan.